“The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organisation’s valuable resources.” 

-  Harvard Business Review


Coaching is recognised as a valuable and effective intervention for helping leaders to enhance their performance and effectiveness.  The benefits of coaching to the individual and organisation are enormous.    Our clients tell us that our coaching sessions have given them increased confidence, helped them to manage complex issues with greater clarity and assuredness and think more strategically.   We have seen clients evidence improved performance after just a couple of one-to-ones.  Our coaching sessions are results focused and can cover a wide variety of issues.


Following a short introductory meeting where we establish the clients goals and discuss the key elements of the coaching relationship we then define the structure for the coaching sessions going forward.   This can be flexible and will take into account, the overall desired outcomes and schedules.  We have a flexible approach to delivering the coaching and will design the structure to ensure the client gets the absolute optimum from the intervention.  Sessions are evaluated on an ongoing basis and if necessary, we will recommend additional development opportunities to allow the client to experience maximum performance growth.



"After my coaching session with Julia, I felt vibrant and more confident in handling difficult situations at work. The session also proved valuable in reshaping my goals and objectives. I would fully recommend Julia as a coach."

- Raj Athwal,

Commercial Manager, Coventry City Football Club