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"In career and in life there are moments when you need to make important decisions about which path to take and when.  Julia is not only great at helping you make those decisions by guiding you through a thought process, she also has great insight and discernment. When I was in the career wilderness and making decisions that would never take me forward Julia was very honest with me. Her questions and assessments caused me to stop and think.  There was also practical advice on just how to get back on track and through her methods Julia literally changed my course. Her help and advice got me back on the right career track and I have not looked back since. A nugget here, some support there, she has been and is a fantastic coach."

-  Genelle Aldred - ITV News Central Presenter 

"Julia is a thorough and competent consultant, who really understands business needs from the customer face outwards.  She is an excellent communicator and is able to analyse and trouble shoot with a high degree of effectiveness."

- Kevin Thomas - KWT Media, Birmingham, UK.

"Julia is a highly skilled facilitator and trainer and provides a service that is excellent value for money. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Pauline Davies - Managing Director, New Heartlands Partnership, Liverpool, UK.

"I found Julia to be responsive, thorough and incisive. I was impressed with her ability to grasp the detail but bring to the fore the salient issues in a disciplinary process."

- Fergal Dowling - Partner Head of Employment and HR Team Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, Birmingham, UK